Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see

Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit v0.7.0 is available! Check it out here.

Application lifecycle orchestration

Keptn automates

  • Observability, dashboards & alerting
  • SLO-driven multi-stage delivery
  • Operations & remediation

declarative, extensible and based on GitOps

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Keptn Overview

Enabling SREs to declaratively automate

Observability, Dashboards & Alerting

Save time through automated configuration of observability tools, creation of dashboards, and alerting based on Service-Level Objectives (SLOs).

Helping SREs and DevOps to automate

SLO-driven Multi-stage Delivery

Automatically set up a multi-stage environment with built-in quality gates orchestrating your continuous delivery workflow, and integrate your testing tools for performance testing, chaos testing, and more. Deploy reliably and confidently with SLO-based quality evaluations.

Resolving production issues and automating

Operations by Closed-Loop Remediation

Keptn orchestrates & evaluates remediation-actions such as scaling up, toggling feature flags or custom scripts.

Key capabilities

Keptn offers

Declarative automation

Multi-stage delivery without the need to write any pipeline code.

GitOps based

Delivery and operation workflows are based on Git.

SLO driven evaluation

Built-in quality-gates based on SRE principles.

Closed-loop remediation

Multi-step Auto-remediation workflows with built-in evaluation.

Standard-based Interoperability

Integrate or extend Keptn easily to work with your tool-suite.

Cloud-native application life-cycle orchestration by Keptn.

A declarative approach to automate delivery and operations for your workloads.

Some of our happy users

Adopted by

  • "Keptn allowed us to accelerate our adoption of Kubernetes by at least a year. It’s a unique value proposition that has enabled us to create an intelligent and fully automated continuous delivery pipeline."

    Sebastian Bonk

    Manager of Software Development Avodaq

  • "Keptn enables us to shift-left within our development life-cycle and have faster turnaround times by adding another layer of quality evaluations to our pipelines. These quality gates help us to prevent shipping bad code to production - all done automatically without human intervention."

    Christian Heckelmann

    Senior DevOps Engineer at ERT

  • "With Keptn we are continuously evaluating resiliency of our microservices and infrastructure by running everyday performance and chaos tests. Keptn allowed us to easily evaluate test results using native metrics and gives a lot of flexibility for the future implementations."

    Sebastian Świerczyna

    Chief Architect at Kitopi

  • "The combination of LitmusChaos testing and SLO-based evaluations with Keptn allows our users to identify and fix weaknesses in the resiliency of their applications. Keptn’s data-driven approach based on open-source standards allowed us to build an integration flawlessy."

    Uma Mukkara

    Co-founder&COO of MayaData and Maintainer at LitmusChaos

  • "Keptn Quality Gates integrated into our CD helped us improve speed of delivery by 75 % and reduce manual work to evaluate results by 80 %."

    Wim Verhaeghe

    KBI-Connect DevOps team lead at Inetum – RealDolmen

  • "Keptn enables us to deliver new features and updates fast while maintaining a high standard of quality. With Keptn Quality Gates we can be sure only good builds make it to production. Keptn also saves us ~80 % time that is otherwise spent in manual maintaining and analyzing our delivery pipelines!"

    Patrick Hofmann

    Senior Consultant at amasol AG


Keptn connects all your tools


Keptn integrations translate well-defined CloudEvents into proprietary vendor APIs and hide complex automation for advanced tasks.

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Keptn helps developers and SREs to deliver software in a cloud-native way.

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