Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see

Explore Keptn

Familiarize yourself with Keptn without installation

The Keptn End-to-End Delivery exercise uses Killercoda to quickly introduce you to Keptn without requiring you to install anything. In less than an hour, you will learn about the main features of Keptn and how to implement them.

Note: The killercoda session expires after an hour or if it is idle for five minutes or longer so you should plan to sit down and do the exercise without interruptions.

Next steps

If you like what you saw in the exercise, you can start using Keptn yourself by doing the following:

  • Install Keptn on the Kubernetes cluster of your choice
  • Create your own project

Install Keptn on your Kubernetes cluster

You can install and run Keptn on virtually any Kubernetes cluster:

  1. Download the Keptn Command Line Tool:
curl -sL | bash

See Keptn CLI for more information.

  1. Install the core Keptn control plane components and expose them via a LoadBalancer:
helm install keptn keptn --repo= \
-n keptn --create-namespace \
--set=apiGatewayNginx.type=LoadBalancer \
--set=continuousDelivery.enabled=true \
  1. Install some standard Keptn execution plane components. These are additional microservices that handle specific tasks:
helm install jmeter-service keptn/jmeter-service -n keptn
helm install helm-service keptn/helm-service -n keptn

Note that you do not have to use these particular microservices. See Deploying Services for more information.

See Install Keptn using the Helm chart for more details.

Kubernetes provides methods other than LoadBalancer for exposing Keptn. See Access options for more information.

See Kubernetes support & Cluster size for information about supported versions of Kubernetes and sizing information.

Create your first Keptn project

Follow the information in Manage Keptn Project/Service to create your first Keptn project.

How to get more help?

Join the Keptn slack channel for any questions that may arise. Use the #help channel to ask questions and get help from the Keptn team.