Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see

Keptn 0.7.1

Keptn 0.7.1 improves the capabilities of the 0.7.0 release by adding more flexibility to the tasks of installing/operating Keptn, introducing three new CLI commands and improving the UX in the Keptn Bridge. Especially the new feature of installing Keptn in different namespaces is a door opener for various use-cases since multiple Keptn deployments, e.g., one for each team, can be operated on one cluster.

The key announcements of Keptn 0.7.1:

🌟 More flexibility in installing/operating Keptn:

  • keptn install --namespace: Allows you to specify the namespace to install Keptn in.
  • keptn upgrade: Instead of manually executing a K8s job as done by the previous upgrade processes, this CLI command performs the upgrade.
  • Set root context: As part of the installation Helm Chart of Keptn, a root context can be specified that allows you to customize the prefix of the API and Bridge endpoint of Keptn.

🚀 New CLI commands:

  • keptn delete service: This command will delete a service from a project and undeploy the service from the cluster.
  • keptn get events: This command is a generic implementation to retrieve Keptn events of any event type.

UX improvements in environment screen: Based on feedback on the features of the Keptn delivery assistant, improvements regarding the user experience of the Keptn Bridge has been implemented.

🎉 Keptn on OpenShift 4: Thanks to the work of @marcredhat, Keptn has been successfully tested on an OpenShift 4 cluster. Two assets of this task are provided here: (1) Docu for Automated install of OpenShift 4.5 and Keptn and (2) YouTube - Deploy to OpenShift 4.5 / Service Mesh using Keptn.

Additional note: Added documentation of GOVERNANCE & SECURITY process

Keptn Specification

Implemented Keptn spec version: 0.1.5

New Features

  • Keptn on OpenShift 4 #2157
  • Install Keptn in a namespace other than keptn using: keptn install --namespace= #2195
  • Upgrade Keptn from 0.7 to 0.7.1 using: keptn upgrade #2234
  • Make StorageClass and PersistentVolumeClaim configurable in Keptn installer #2190
  • Allow to install Keptn with prefix in path (aka. context root) #2124
  • Return 404 from /event endpoint when no event is found #1655
  • keptn delete to delete a service from a Keptn project #2199
  • Properly format the output of keptn get event command #2207
  • keptn get event to get an event of any event type #2171
  • keptn add-resource checks the number of arguments before executing the command #1735
  • Immediately return an error if kube server version check error #1944
  • Review of the description of all Keptn CLI commands #1718
  • helm-service:

    • Delete a service from the cluster when deleting it from a project #2201
  • lighthouse-service:

    • Mark info SLI correctly when empty pass/warning array is provided #2231
    • Change the comparison strategy to match the full quality gate result #2224
  • Fonts are correctly loaded when a root context is used for Bridge #2174
  • Labels are clickable when containing a URL as value #2061
  • Icons in stage tile and labels work as filter #2087
  • Provide API token and keptn auth command in user menu #2197
  • Show remediation workflow in environment screen #2085
  • Show failed quality gates in environment screen #2086
  • Fixed misleading message in bridge if no deployment was done but evaluations happened #2112
  • Improved color-coding in Keptn Bridge for problem.resolved event #2139
  • Provider better indication and workflow for artifacts waiting for approval #2142
  • Fix wrong version in environments overview when evaluation failed #2133
  • Set height for evaluation chart and maxHeight for legend #2150
  • Expand service tile automatically if there is an open approval #2151
  • Show labels in event payload #2138
  • Bridge code refactoring tasks: #2000, #2011, #2012

Fixed Issues

  • CLI: kubectl version check incorrectly reports if no connection to cluster could be made #1944

Development Process / Testing

  • Fix problems in TravisCI for building/testing #2149
  • Fixed integration test function and replaced invalid error codes #2162
  • Check if replicas of deployment are running #2160

Good to know / Known Limitations

  • The upgrade from 0.7 o 0.7.1 is supported by the keptn upgrade command.