Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see

Keptn 0.17.1

Release Notes 0.17.1

Keptn 0.17.1 is a bugfix release that solves issue for the bridge, resource-service, and shipyard-controller.

Bug Fixes

  • bridge: Fix invalid header property for webhook (#8544) (defe0b6)
  • Merge integration subscriptions into one, apply newly supplied subscriptions if existing ones are empty (#8597) (1cdd2a9)
  • resource-service: Determine default branch using HEAD after initial clone (#8693) (c1551b8)
  • resource-service: Use values provided by GIT_KEPTN_USER and GIT_KEPTN_EMAIL for commits to the upstream (#8712) (28e43a8), closes #8676
  • shipyard-controller: Added service to shipyard filter in Event Dispatcher (#8679) (db34627)
  • shipyard-controller: Clean up event queue when cancelling a sequence (#8717) (b4152f5), closes #8583
  • shipyard-controller: Handling error messages (#8485) (1ee49e2)
  • shipyard-controller: Update Integration when Subscriptions field is null (#8598) (2367cf8)