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Keptn CloudEvents

The Keptn CloudEvents specification defines the event types and formats supported by Keptn core as well as the payload structure associated with each event. Keptn generates CloudEvents based on sequence and task names as defined in the shipyard.

Integrations and services that are configured in your Keptn cluster to integrate other tools may support additional event types and users can add their own event types.

Keptn is driven by CloudEvents because they are an industry standard (see CloudEvents standard) and are vendor neutral.


Keptn CloudEvents specification

Usage notes

By default, the Keptn project defines some activities (such as deployment, evaluation, and test) that are commonly used by DevOps practitioners and Site Reliability Engineers (SREs). Users can choose other task names; these create CloudEvents with names such as


Use the triggeredOn property in a shipyard sequence to execute that sequence when the specified event is received. Use the match selector to define a filter on the result property of the event. For example, you can specify that an action should execute only if the event property is failed or only when it is success.

See Using triggeredOn in a sequence for more details.

Differences between versions

Current versions of the Keptn CloudEvents specification conform to v.1.0.2 of the CloudEvents standard.

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