Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see

Orchestrate security checks

Keptn can orchestrate checks of the security of your application just as it orchestrates checks of the functionality and performance of your application. This DevSecOps by Default video discusses how the Log4Shell security vulnerability discovered in December 2021 was handled, describes a strategy for managing a new vulnerability that is identified, then describes how Keptn can orchestrate the evaluation of security vulnerabilies.

Keptn security checks work with observability tools that evaluate your code and provide data as Service Level Indicators (SLIs). If your SLI data includes information about security vulnerabilities, Keptn can process those just as it processes information about functionality and performance.

Those SLI metrics are defined for Keptn in the sli.yaml file. You then define the corresponding Service Level Objectives (SLOs) that reflect your criteria for the system’s health in the slo.yaml file. Keptn runs quality gates that grade each objective and calculate the total score and then reports this analysis. Keptn can also implement remediation steps that are appropriate to handle any issues that it finds in either software that is about to be published or on the site that is running your application in production.