Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see

Keptn 0.9.0

Release Notes 0.9.0

Keptn 0.9.0 gives you more control over sequence executions and allows creating/deleting a Keptn project in the Bridge.

Key announcements:

🎉 Advanced sequences handling: Keptn core provides new capabilities for handling a task sequence execution:

  • Controls for sequence executions: Controls for pausing, resuming, and aborting a task sequence have been implemented. These controls can be used either by the CLI or directly in the Bridge.

  • Smart defaults for sequence executions: Keptn automatically terminates a sequence execution when now Keptn-service is acting upon a triggered task. Besides, it queues a delivery or remediation sequence if there is currently one running for a service in the same stage.

Improved UX in Keptn Bridge: With this release, creating or deleting a Keptn project is now possible via the Bridge. Additionally, cross-linking elements have been added to components for optimizing user flows.

⛏️ Hardening Keptn Core / Bridge: Hardening of Keptn core components has been conducted concerning resource optimization and enhancing readiness probes. Besides, refactoring in the Bridge was performed in order to reliably deal with custom sequences and tasks.

🍎 MacOS M1 Support: For all Apple users, the Keptn CLI is now ready for your new MacOS M1.

🚢 Docker Registries: Release images are now also on and

Keptn Enhancement Proposals

This release implements the KEPs: KEP 39 and parts of KEP 53

Keptn Specification

Implemented Keptn spec version: 0.2.3

New Features

  • Reduce K8s resource limits/requests of Keptn core services 3018
  • Host Keptn Release Docker Images on multiple container registries/repositories 3314
  • Enhance readiness probes of Keptn core services 4518
  • Create a list of dependencies of Keptn Core 4409
  • Migrate old sequences to materialized view 4140
  • Fixed: Installing/Upgrading Keptn in an air-gapped environment does not work for configuration-service and nats 4183
  • Fixed: Bridge LOOK_AND_FEEL_URL is missing in Keptn installer Helm Chart 4476
  • Provide description for From and To on GET /api/statistics/v1 endpoint 3921
  • Add parameter keptnContext for /sequence endpoint 4433
  • Extend Uniform to support subscription management 4437
  • Remove the /config/bridge/ endpoint 4589
  • Introduce rate limiation on /auth endpoint: 429 responses contain information on whether token was valid or not 4906
  • Support of MacOS M1/Apple Silicon Build 3987
  • Commands for pausing/resuming/aborting task sequences 3785
  • Adapt output for configure bridge command 4435
  • secret-service:

    • Provide default scope when creating secrets 4281
  • approval-service:

    • Excluded open approvals from task timeout 4620
    • Fixed: Approval-service does not automatically approve in case it is the first task in a sequence 4391
  • distributor:

    • Allow setting environment details sent by the distributor 4590
  • helm-service & jmeter-service:

    • Cleanup of and Manifests for jmeter-service/helm-service 4503
    • jmeter-service/helm-service are missing timestamp in tag 4403
    • Fixed: Installing jmeter-service/helm-service from a registry with a non-default port does not work 4422
  • lighthouse-service:

    • Remove override of evaluation result using previous test result 4930
  • remediation-service:

    • Improve error messages for remediation-services 4412
  • shipyard-controller:

    • Handle sequences sequentially per stage 3776
    • Termination of orphaned tasks 3778
    • Fixed: Run into errors when using an image object for a configuration change 4384
    • Fixed: Panics with out of range error 4772
    • Fixed: Crashes when receiving event for non-existent project 4797
    • Fixed: Race condition in sequence state 4969
  • Enhancements:

    • Provide a warning if data will be lost in project creation 4677
    • Add weight to the SLI breakdown 4758
    • Prevent from expanding tile when there is no content 4057
    • Text inside “View Evaluation” is cropped 4760
    • Indicate errors happening in integrations 4381
    • Show service name at sequence tile 4653
    • Show action name and description for a remediation action 4410
    • Rename Error logs to Error events 4426
    • Delete project via Bridge 4379
    • Show recent task sequences on project level 2506
    • Create project with shipyard 4493
    • Show waiting status of successive sequence executions 3777
    • Improve layout of configuring Git upstream repository 4623
    • Show alt text / tooltip for icon buttons 3803
    • Display comparison value and absolute/relative delta of SLI 4305
    • Environment screen always has scrollbars when having more than 2 stages 4146
    • Collapsevaluation heatmap to top 10 4255
    • Show keptn create service when Bridge is used for quality gates only use case 4172
    • Better UX to show which sequence is currently selected 3976
    • Project does not reflect current status after creating a service 4170
    • Add X-Frame-Options header to Bridge responses 4257
    • Show subscriptions of integrations 4436
    • Adding / Deleting / Updating subscription 4572
    • Add service name for running sequences on the stage tile 4733
    • Introduce settings navigation 4501
    • Controls for pausing/resuming/aborting task sequences 3798
  • Refactoring:

    • Add null-check to tsconfig 4628
    • Update Bridge server to TS and ESM 4443
    • Refactor Angular router usage 4022
    • Refactor observables inside of router parameter subscription 4188
    • Migrate testing framework to Jest 4841
  • Fixes:

    • OAuth: Regenerating the session cookie after login 4947
    • Service Screen: Keptn context in URI is not properly updated 4912
    • Sequence screen: Is blank caused by JavaScript error 4442
    • Environment screen: The sequences of services are not loaded 4667
    • Environment screen: Is broken caused by JavaScript error 4446
    • Integration screen: Update URL for API calls 4830
    • Evaluation results chart is being hidden after page refresh 4927
    • Update message should not print all possible upgradable versions 4831
    • Settings screen is not updated when the project is changed 4781
    • Redirect to dashboard if project is deleted 4765
    • The environment does not always show the right information 4538
    • Report the project on the evaluation page 4759
    • Setting upstream failed, but the error is not shown 4374
    • Bridge maps deployment event to wrong stage in case of multiple parallel stages with approval 4392
    • Wrong stage focused on deployment selection of a service 4438
    • SLI results in the heatmap are missing if the chart is collapsed 4569
    • Selected deployment gets lost if project is updated 4396
    • Selected service is not reset on project change 4166
    • Bridge throws JavaScript errors - not showing approval option until refresh 4521
    • Cannot read property of ‘score’ undefined [Bridge] 4936

Development Process / Testing

  • Keptn on Keptn: Mark test as failed if delivery fails 4186
  • Integration test report: Note down the actor or whether it was scheduled 3999
  • go-utils/kubernetes-utils: Add go get and go mod tidy to auto-upgrade PR 4341
  • Unify Go versions in CI workflow 4331
  • Fix random error messages in integration test workflow 4385
  • Create GH-action bot-user for Keptn organization 3825
  • Create Auto-PR for Keptn Spec and Keptn Docs 2927
  • Create draft release on triggered release workflow for keptn/go-utils 4762
  • Create a PR that updates the specification subfolder in keptn/keptn when a new Keptn spec is released 4366
  • Activate Snyk protection 417
  • Unify automated PRs to have the pipeline logic in the target repo 4533

Good to know / Known Limitations

  • keptn upgrade does not respect cluster choice 4583
  • Vague error message when setting Git upstream 4399
  • Response time degradation in configuration-service when using a Git upstream (e.g., GitHub) 4066
  • Prometheus self-healing example based on response time does not work 3439
  • Registrations might lose their current subscription if they are scheduled in a different node 4437
  • If a stage cannot be found, the sequence needs to be stopped manually 4791

Upgrade to 0.9.0