Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see

keptn create project

keptn create project

Creates a new project


Creates a new project with the provided name and Shipyard. The shipyard file describes the used stages. These stages are defined by name, as well as their task sequences.

By executing the create project command, Keptn initializes an internal Git repository that is used to maintain all project-related resources. To upstream this internal Git repository to a remote repository, the remote URL (–git-remote-url) is required together with private key (–git-private-key) or access token (–git-token). The Git user (–git-user) can be specified if the repository allows it. For using proxy please specify proxy IP address together with port (–git-proxy-url) and used scheme (–git-proxy-scheme=) to connect to proxy. Please be aware that authentication with public/private key and via proxy is supported only when using resource-service.

For more information about Shipyard, creating projects, or upstream repositories, please go to Manage Keptn

keptn create project PROJECTNAME --shipyard=FILEPATH [flags]


keptn create project PROJECTNAME --shipyard=FILEPATH
keptn create project PROJECTNAME --shipyard=FILEPATH --git-user=GIT_USER --git-remote-url=GIT_REMOTE_URL --git-token=GIT_TOKEN

or (only for resource-service)

keptn create project PROJECTNAME --shipyard=FILEPATH --git-user=GIT_USER --git-remote-url=GIT_REMOTE_URL --git-private-key=PRIVATE_KEY_PATH --git-private-key-pass=PRIVATE_KEY_PASSPHRASE

or (only for resource-service)

keptn create project PROJECTNAME --shipyard=FILEPATH --git-user=GIT_USER --git-remote-url=GIT_REMOTE_URL --git-token=GIT_TOKEN --git-proxy-url=PROXY_IP --git-proxy-scheme=SCHEME --git-proxy-user=PROXY_USER --git-proxy-password=PROXY_PASS --insecure-skip-tls


  -g, --git-pem-certificate string    The git PEM Certificate file
  -k, --git-private-key string        The SSH git private key of the git user
  -l, --git-private-key-pass string   The passphrase of git private key
  -e, --git-proxy-password string     The git proxy password
  -j, --git-proxy-scheme string       The git proxy scheme
  -p, --git-proxy-url string          The git proxy URL and port
  -w, --git-proxy-user string         The git proxy user
  -r, --git-remote-url string         The remote url of the upstream target
  -t, --git-token string              The git token of the git user
  -u, --git-user string               The git user of the upstream target
  -x, --insecure-skip-tls             Disable TLS verification to allow connections to servers using self signed certificates
  -s, --shipyard string               The path or URL to the shipyard file specifying the environment

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config-file string   Specify custom Keptn Config file path (default: ~/.keptn/config)
  -h, --help                 help
      --mock                 Disables communication to a Keptn endpoint
  -n, --namespace string     Specify the namespace where Keptn should be installed, used and uninstalled (default "keptn")
  -q, --quiet                Suppresses debug and info messages
  -v, --verbose              Enables verbose logging to print debug messages
  -y, --yes                  Assume yes for all user prompts


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