Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see

values (Keptn helm-service)

The values.yaml configuration file defines the configuration used when installing Keptn with a Helm chart; see Installing Keptn using the Helm chart. Values is a built-in object of Helm templates; see the Helm documentation at [Values Files(


See values.yaml in the Keptn GitHub repository for the default Keptn file.


The recommended practice is the declarative approach: you copy the standard values.yaml file and customize it to create your own Keptn values file, then use your customized values file to install Keptn. Alternatively, you can also set Helm values with the --set flag when issuing helm commands; this is the imperative approach. The --set flags take precendence over whatever you have configured in your values.yaml file so can be used to temporarily override a value when necessary.


Differences between versions

Keptn 0.19.0 changes

The helm-service and jmeter-service integrations are moved out of the keptn/keptn github repository and into the keptn-contrib repository in Release 0.19.x and so the path to the values.yaml file is changed.

Keptn 0.17.0 changes

The Keptn Helm chart was refactored heavily in Release 0.17.0 to make it ready for future features and structural changes.

  • The following Helm values changed for the Control Plane Helm chart:

    • continuous-delivery -> continuousDelivery
    • control-plane: Since the control-plane and continuous-delivery charts were merged into one, all values previously under control-plane are now just directly in the values root without the control-plane key.
    • All values under control-plane.common were moved to the root level of the values. e.g. control-plane.common.strategy.type -> strategy.type
    Diff with old values on the left and updated values on the right
  • Values for the Execution Plane Helm chart changed for helm-service and jmeter-service:

    • resources -> helm-service.resources/jmeter-service.resources
    • The distributor got its own set of resources in the values file. You can adjust them or leave them at the sensible defaults.

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