Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see

Keptn 0.8.3

Keptn 0.8.3 implements the Keptn Enhancement Proposal #37 for allowing a Keptn user to customize the remediation sequence in the Shipyard. Besides, improvements for the user experience in the Bridge are implemented like setting the Git upstream repository or linking various screens.

Key announcements:

🎉 Customization of auto-remediation sequences: With this release, it is possible to customize the remediation sequences, which take care of resolving an open problem for a service. Therefore, the remediation sequence can be modeled in the Shipyard for a specific stage. Besides, it is possible to let the action-providers run on an execution plane.

  • ⚠️ As part of the upgrade process to Keptn 0.8.3 and for utilizing the auto-remediation feature, please manually add the following sequence to the stage that should have auto-remediation enabled and replace the [STAGE-NAME] by the name of the stage you added it to. Without that sequence, no remediation will be triggered for an open problem! Please find here more information on how to upgrade the remediation use-case here: Update your Shipyard for the Remediation Use-Case
- name: remediation
  - event: [STAGE-NAME].remediation.finished
        evaluation.result: fail
  - name: get-action 
  - name: action
  - name: evaluation
    triggeredAfter: "10m"
      timeframe: "10m"

Length of service name increased to 43 characters: The limitation of the service name length has been loosened to allow a length of 43 characters.

🚀 Support custom deployment URLs: When deploying custom Helm Charts by using the user_managed deployment strategy of the helm-service, it is now possible to define a public and/or local deployment URL. Therefore, the file endpoints.yaml must be uploaded to the helm folder in the configuration repository. This file has to contain the deploymentURIsLocal and/or deploymentURIsPublic. For more details, please see the documentation here.

Many thanks to the community for the enhancements on this release!

Keptn Specification

Implemented Keptn spec version: 0.2.2

New Features

  • n/a
  • Implementation of /v1/sequence endpoint 3796
  • Sequence endpoint: Allow to filter sequence states by name and status 3991
  • Fixed: configure monitoring not functioning according to spec 3638
  • Show bridge URL when executing keptn configure bridge –output 3688
  • Disable Kube context check 3666
  • Remove RemediationTriggered/Started/Finished, add GetActionTriggered/Started/Finished 4084
  • all:

    • Upgrade CLI and Keptn-services to latest Go release (e.g., go 1.16) 2936
    • Length of service names is too restrictive 3585
  • distributor:

    • Distributor for remote execution plane needs to handle the case of slowly responding services 3893
    • Fixed: Duplicated Helm Deployment.Started/Finished CloudEvents when using helm-service on a remote execution plane 3888
    • Fixed: Distributor of shipyard-controller OOM crash after flooding it with events 3969
  • helm-service/jmeter-service:

    • Helm/JMeter charts do not honour ‘remoteControlPlane.api.apiValidateTls: false’ in template 3865
    • Support custom deployment URLs for user-managed deployments 3757
  • helm-service:

    • Fixed: Helm service does not listen on sh.keptn.event.rollback.triggered events 4125
  • jmeter-service:

    • Fixed: JMeter service doesn’t work for regular http/https URL as it infer the default http/https port from the URL 3916
  • lighthouse-service:

    • Allow timeframe to be passed via CloudEvent 4079
  • remediation-service:

    • Use rootCause field instead problemTitle 3755
    • Clean-up remediation-service to not control the remediation sequence 3682
  • shipyard-controller:

    • Implement looping-mechanism via shipyard-controller 3683
    • Fixed: Timestamps of delayed events are not set properly 4096
    • Fixed: TriggeredID of <stage>.<sequence>.finished events not set properly 4091
    • Fixed: Response time degradation at /v1/event endpoint 3962
  • Enhancements:

    • No empty panel when no evaluation happened for a service in a stage 3941
    • Switching projects without loosing context 3944
    • Keptn bridge support for error pages 3925
    • Bridge index.html should not be delivered with a 7 day cache header 3876
    • Save service filter in environment screen project specific 3994
    • Provide better navigation from full screen evaluation screen 3538
    • Set Git upstream URL via Settings page 3417
    • Service screen: Show stages the deployment went through 3713
    • Environment screen: Support of more advanced staging environments 3647
    • Environment screen: Click on sequence opens Sequence screen 3887
    • Environment screen: Click on deployment opens Service screen 3760
    • Environment screen: Filter for Service(s) 3759
    • Bridge Menu: Use icons instead of text labels 3643
    • OAuth/OpenID Connect based login for Keptn bridge 3448
  • Fixes:

    • Fixed: Bridge shows ${this.currentTime} instead of current time 3961
    • Fixed: Service-filter and stage-details do not reset on project-change 3993
    • Fixed: Incorrect heatmap width when switching chart type 3851
    • Fixed: The notification messages in Bridge duplicate when the version check toggle is updated 3896
    • Fixed: Show currently selected project 3912
    • Fixed: Bridge in Quality gates only use-case breaks on the same sequence and task name “evaluation” 3927
    • Fixed: Last Evaluation label is not visible in case of too many evaluations in the chart 3811
    • Fixed: The chosen project is not selected and disappears after refresh (F5) 3853
    • Fixed: Switch between the tabs Environment/Services, the expand/collapse icon is changed but Evaluation items remain expanded 3814
    • Fixed: Bridge shows “started” wording on status.changed 3583


Development Process / Testing

  • Reviewdog fails to find .go files (after Go 1.16 upgrade) 4000
  • Introduce golangci-lint into build chain 3019
  • Deliver Keptn with build on master 3845
  • Integration tests: Download-artifact no longer works for PR builds 3897
  • Integration tests: Tests for continuous-delivery should fail when a delivery fails 3843
  • CodeCov Security Issue: Verify if we were affected and take remediation actions 3820
  • Fixed: Keptn install fails on master 3884
  • Fixed: Homebrew installed CLI fails install with ‘Malformed constraint: “”’ 3805

Good to know / Known Limitations

  • See the know limitations from 0.8.0
  • Response time degradation in configuration-service when using a Git Upstream (e.g., GitHub) 4066
  • Response time degradation in lighthouse-service when spamming get-sli-events 4065
  • Shipyard-controller keeps sending events for tasks with the same name indefinitely 4039
  • Selection change in heatmap does not always update SLO table - needs second click 4007
  • Mongodb OOM crash after flooding it with events 3968
  • keptn upgrade getLatestKeptnRelease returns the wrong version 3841
  • Inconsistent usage of user-managed and user_managed causing issues 3624

Upgrade to 0.8.3

  • The upgrade from 0.8.x to 0.8.3 is supported by the keptn upgrade command. Find the documentation here: Upgrade from Keptn 0.8.x to 0.8.3

    • ⚠️ Please consider adding the remediation sequence to a stage for enabling the auto-remediation capabilities of Keptn. The instructions you will find in the upgrade guide: Upgrade from Keptn 0.8.x to 0.8.3