Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see

Keptn 0.18.0

Release Notes 0.18.0 (2022-07-28)

Key announcements:

ℹ️ CLI: The CLI no longer provides the install/uninstall/upgrade commands. Please refer to the Install Keptn using the Helm chart to see how you can use Helm to install and operate Keptn.

📫 WebHooks support the new v1beta1 version which provides a more structured way to create your webhooks. For futher information, see Advanced Webhook configuration.

Bridge support lazy loading to provide a faster response time.

(experimental) New Import API: Keptn provides a new alpha version of an import API. This API can be used to setup a Keptn project by importing a template as zip archive.

🔨 Keptn provides the ability to enable / disable “use-case” services in the control plane chart.


  • cli: The install/uninstall/upgrade commands are not available anymore. Please use Helm to operate Keptn.
  • resource-service: Trailing / chars in the resource APIs will return a 404. This way, the difference between an empty URI and getting all the resources is explicit.
  • All Keptn core services depend on resource-service. From this moment on, the configuration-service is deprecated.


  • api: Add create-secret api action to import endpoint (#8348) (df9c42b)
  • api: Import Endpoint - Implement create webhook subscription action (73133f0)
  • api: Import Endpoint - Import package manifest templating (96035b9)
  • api: Import Endpoint - Process import package manifest and execute API tasks (74744aa)
  • api: Import Endpoint - Support simple templating for resource and api tasks in import manifests (#8456) (02fd6d5)
  • api: Import Endpoint - Upload resources from import package (67339ea)
  • bridge: Add ktb-chart (#8420) (9d55c35)
  • bridge: Modularize dashboard view and introduce lazy loading (#8315) (a6326ca)
  • bridge: Modularize environment view and introduce lazy loading (#8313) (4c1ad1a)
  • bridge: Modularize evaluation-board and introduce lazy loading (#8340) (60309c5)
  • bridge: Modularize integration and common use case views and introduce lazy loading (#8305) (609602a)
  • bridge: Modularize project board and introduce lazy loading (#8342) (63d61fb)
  • bridge: Modularize sequence and logout view and introduce lazy loading (#8289) (6cc2e2c)
  • bridge: Modularize services view and introduce lazy loading (#8325) (e1f18d4)
  • bridge: Modularize settings view (#8397) (4373f21)
  • bridge: Preselect date for datetime picker (#8450) (2817781)
  • bridge: Select project stage from project overview (#7736) (e05415c)
  • bridge: Show pause icon if sequence is paused (#8471) (6b2669b)
  • bridge: Show user info for OAuth “Insufficient permission” error message (#8403) (b2afdf9)
  • cli: Introduce WebhookConfig migrator (#8396) (917e056)
  • cli: Removed install/uninstall/upgrade commands (#8302) (bb8015c)
  • installer: Add options for setting image repository and tag globally (#8152) (100eae9)
  • installer: Enable clustered NATS (#8464) (3c1ae2b)
  • installer: Introduce flags to enable / disable Keptn services (#8316) (6ccc7b1)
  • installer: More Security Improvements for NATS (#8421) (42e9fad)
  • installer: Remove configuration-service references and resourceService.enabled option (#8296) (8d8eb99)
  • installer: Security Improvements (#8373) (d946f67)
  • shipyard-controller: Introduce API Endpoint for retrieving Sequence Executions (#8430) (ac326c7)
  • shipyard-controller: Introduce RemoteURL denyList (#8490) (6db8f3d)

Bug Fixes

  • bridge: Added missing wait to view more services ui test (#8320) (f2bce6b)
  • bridge: Check if configurationChange has image (#8507) (16ec462)
  • bridge: Evaluation info misleading if failed because of key sli (#8250) (a5d79d0)
  • bridge: Fix detection of pending changes when automatic provisioning active (#8531) (0d4c7d2)
  • bridge: Fix error on viewing service deployment (#8332) (9e9f776)
  • bridge: Fix evaluation badge wrapping (#8524) (d8f75ea)
  • bridge: Fix incorrect API URL for auth command (#8386) (9ea6132)
  • bridge: Navigating to service from stage-details (#8399) (e0ce5bd)
  • cli: Fix broken xref in CLI command reference docs (#8374) (cb92bf5)
  • cli: Print ID of Keptn context after sending events (#8392) (65ce578)
  • installer: Disable nats cluster due to unreliable behavior (#8523) (36cdb07)
  • installer: Fix NATS clustering settings (#8484) (af15cbe)
  • installer: Fix Nginx not starting when statistics service is disabled (#8326) (cde5942)
  • installer: Remove configuration service from airgapped installer scripts (#8376) (772ebd6)
  • installer: RoleBinding is not installed if not needed for shippy leader election (#8535) (e90e94b)
  • resource-service: Return 404 with trailing slashes (#8265) (785a39c)
  • resource-service: Unescape resourceURI before updating single resource (#8441) (a73af9e)
  • shipyard-controller: Handling error messages (#8480) (dbcb214)
  • webhook-service: Do not respond to anything else than .triggered event on pre execution error (#8337) (4430a13)
  • webhook-service: Typo in component tests (#8409) (7d77b7d)
  • Zero Downtime test for the webhook-service (#8408) (9212fb2)



  • bridge: Refactor project settings (#8510) (f10880b)
  • bridge: Refactor secrets page (#8300) (66b1dfc)
  • bridge: Refactor the project settings of services (#8323) (7bb4122)
  • bridge: Remove global project polling and remove project dependency in integrations view (#8412) (c4845c9)
  • bridge: Rename D3 feature flag (#8499) (6a389df)
  • Refactor all services to use resource-service (#8271) (f866d09)


  • Added new component test in remediation service (#8343) (a0c22f9)
  • Fix dev repo registry in zd test (#8411) (1d17283)
  • Add helm dependencies directly to repository charts (#8472) (e6669a4)
  • Added repo to resource-service.yaml (#8382) (d70d82d)
  • Added timeout to keptn install (#8383) (e2837bb)
  • bridge: Enable resource-service by default (#8432) (40d75d1)
  • bridge: Fix Sonar issues (#8384) (b389f67)
  • bridge: Fix Sonar issues part 2 (#8398) (ce80143)
  • bridge: Generalization of showing a running sequence (#8379) (73e4634)
  • bridge: Remove loading of integrations on common-use-case page (#8344) (77560f5)
  • bridge: Remove no Git upstream is set warning (#8447) (ab35607)
  • bridge: Remove second labels tag list for remediation sequences (#8410) (5bb977e)
  • bridge: Remove unused service page env var (#8356) (7098fdb)
  • bridge: Removed obsolete common use cases page (#8419) (98e477b)
  • cli: Remove warning that no Git upstream is set (#8518) (ff49bad)
  • Fix ZeroDowntime registry (#8434) (c89506d)
  • Increased coverage for remediation-service (#8357) (867d947)
  • installer: Improve NATS configuration (#8475) (0c8a964)
  • Remove go mod files of configuration service (#8341) (1c74388)
  • Remove reference to removed test (#8369) (03aec7b)
  • Removed configuration-service module (#8294) (bd3c9af)
  • Removed redundant integration tests (#8324) (44764cd)
  • shipyard-controller: Add extra debug logging to the Git Automatic Provisioner call (#8440) (cc9a212)
  • webhook-service: Slimmed down integration tests for webhook service (#8339) (7a01bd0)

Resource Stats

Name Container Name CPU Request CPU Limit RAM Request RAM Limit Image
keptn-mongo mongodb 200m 1000m 100Mi 500Mi
api-gateway-nginx api-gateway-nginx 50m 100m 64Mi 128Mi
api-service api-service 50m 100m 32Mi 64Mi
approval-service approval-service 25m 100m 32Mi 128Mi
bridge bridge 25m 200m 64Mi 256Mi
lighthouse-service lighthouse-service 50m 200m 128Mi 1Gi
mongodb-datastore mongodb-datastore 50m 300m 32Mi 512Mi
remediation-service remediation-service 50m 200m 64Mi 1Gi
resource-service resource-service 25m 100m 32Mi 64Mi
secret-service secret-service 25m 200m 32Mi 64Mi
shipyard-controller shipyard-controller 50m 100m 32Mi 128Mi
statistics-service statistics-service 25m 100m 32Mi 64Mi
statistics-service distributor 25m 100m 16Mi 32Mi
webhook-service webhook-service 25m 100m 32Mi 64Mi
keptn-nats nats 200m 500m 500Mi 1Gi nats:2.8.4-alpine