Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see

Create a project

In Keptn, a project is a structure that allows organizing your services. A project is stored as a Git repository and contains a branch for each stage in your project such as dev, staging, and production stage). In other words, the separation of stage configurations is based on git repository branches.

Create a project

To create a project, use the CLI command keptn create project and pass a shipyard file.

The simplest shipyard.yaml file has a single stage and no sequences defined would look like this:

kind: "Shipyard"
  name: "shipyard-sockshop"
    - name: "single-stage"

For example, you could create a new project with the following command line:

keptn create project PROJECTNAME --shipyard=FILEPATH --git-user=GIT_USER --git-token=GIT_TOKEN --git-remote-url=GIT_REMOTE_URL

See Git based upstream for more information.