Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see

Keptn 0.8.0

Keptn 0.8 improves the core use cases of continuous delivery and automated operations by implementing the new Shipyard version v0.2. This new Shipyard version has been proposed and refined in KEP 06.

Key announcements:

🚀 Separated and explicit Shipyard-defined processes (aka. task sequences) for continuous delivery / automated remediation: With this Keptn release, it is possible to have multiple processes (called task sequences) within one stage. These task sequences are separated from each other and list the tasks that are triggered sequentially.

🎉 Support individual tasks in sequences: It is now possible to add custom tasks to a task sequence to address needs of delivery/remediation use-cases that go beyond the opinionated approach Keptn is offering.

Trigger of a sequence can be configured - allowing multiple parallel stages: The new Shipyard supports the definition of triggers that launch the execution of a task sequences. This helps to make it explicit when a sequence gets triggers. Besides, this linking mechanism allows connecting multiple sequences (of different stages) to listen to the same trigger. Consequently, it is possible to connect multiple stages, which are on the same level, to one preceding stage.

🌟 New types of events: In course of implement the new Shipyard version in Keptn, the Keptn Cloud-events were streamlined and follow now a common pattern. Basically, Keptn just sends out an event of type: sh.keptn.event.{}.triggered and other services react on:

  • sh.keptn.event.{}.triggered > sent out by Keptn
  • sh.keptn.event.{}.started > sent out by a Keptn-service when starting the tasks
  • sh.keptn.event.{}.status.changed > sent out by a Keptn-service to inform about a status update
  • sh.keptn.event.{}.finished > sent out by a Keptn-service when the task is finished

Multi-cluster support: Based on the implementation of Shipyard v0.2, Keptn - as a control-plane for delivery and remediation - is now capable of serving multiple clusters. This is known as the split between Control plane and Execution plane. For this use-case, the Keptn project offers to run the helm-service (to deploy) and jmeter-service (to test) on the Execution plane. This Execution plane can be on a cluster other than the cluster where Keptn is installed.

💫 Sequence screen in Keptn Bridge: The new capabilities of Keptn for dealing with task sequences received a dedicated screen in the Keptn Bridge. This screen provides filtering capabilities and a stage-divided view on the performed delivery or remediation tasks.

Screenshot here

Supporting features:

🎉 Query usage statistics of your Keptn: With this release, it is possible to retrieve usage statistics of a Keptn by using the /api/statistics/v1 endpoint. This returns the number of events processed in the specified time frame.

🌟 Keptn CLI supports multiple Keptn installations: The new Keptn CLI easies working with multiple Keptns since it recognizes switches between Kubernetes clusters and then asks for switching the context Keptn context too. Consequently, your CLI will be automatically connected to the Keptn running on another K8s cluster.

Deployment of custom Helm Charts: An extension of the helm-service allows to deploy custom Helm Charts meaning that the Helm Chart can contain any custom resource and is not limited to a Kubernetes service and deployment. Note: When using this option, the automatic rollback capability of Keptn is not supported and the Helm Chart is not under control by Keptn. Consequently, this feature is currently marked as experimental.

SLI breakdown displayed as a table in Keptn Bridge: For the quality gates capabilities of Keptn, the SLI breakdown is now displayed as a table given a better overview of the individual results.

Noteworthy changes and improvements:

  • Removed WebSocket communication between CLI and API
  • Performance improvements in MongoDB
  • Update of LICENSE file 2725

Last but not least, many thanks to the community for the rich discussions around Keptn 0.8, the submitted Keptn Enhancement Proposals, and the implementation work!

Keptn Specification

Implemented Keptn spec version: 0.2.0

Breaking changes


  • Introduction of shipyard controller API via: /api/controlPlane/v1
  • Adding and updating resources works on the endpoint: /api/configuration-service/v1
  • Project endpoints have been moved to: /api/controlPlane/v1/project
  • Stage endpoints have been moved to: /api/controlPlane/v1/stage
  • Service endpoints have been moved to: /api/controlPlane/v1/service
  • Evaluation endpoint for triggering an evaluation has been moved to: /api/v1/project​/{project}​/stage​/{stage}​/service​/{service}​/evaluation
  • Events /GET endpoint has been moved to: /api/mongodb-datastore/event


  • keptn send event start-evaluation to trigger an evaluation has been marked as deprecated. Use keptn trigger evaluation instead:

    keptn trigger evaluation --project=my-sockshop --service=foobar --stage=hardening
  • keptn send event new-artifact to send a configuration change that triggers a delivery of a new artifact has been marked as deprecated. Use kept trigger delivery instead:

    keptn trigger delivery --project=sockshop --service=carts-db --tag=4.2.2 --sequence=delivery-direct


  • The Service screen does not show the Keptn CloudEvents anymore since this information has moved to the new Sequence screen.

  • The old deep links still work but are adapted to the new screens as described here

New Features

  • Lower Kubernetes resource limits for distributors 2649
  • Upgrade of NGNIX unprivileged to latest version 2653
  • Test Keptn Keptn Control-plane for Kubernetes 1.19 using K3s 2411
  • Fixed: keptn install hangs in case of ImagePullBackOff 2988
  • Hide implementation details in the API 3001
  • Streamline Keptn API 2772
  • Remove uploading an Helm Chart on PUSH /service endpoint 3195
  • List services in alphabetical order on GET /service endpoint 2754
  • Parse shipyard and returns version or whether it is valid/invalid on GET /project endpoint 2804
  • Remove WebSocket communication between CLI and API 2727
  • Fixed: GET /api/v1/metadata returns null during K8s api downtime 2870
  • Fixed: API allows creating projects with special characters 2914
  • keptn --help Continue working with current Keptn context and remove Keptn context switch from 2721
  • keptn create service | onboard service | delete service - adapt CLI commands to use endpoint of the shipyard-controller 2557
  • keptn create project - support for creating a project using the new shipyard spec 2266
  • keptn get event - allow polling Keptn Cloud-events (e.g., by cloud-event-id) 2572
  • keptn get event - ensure compatibility with new cloud-events (e.g., evaluation.finished instead of evaluation-done) 2873
  • keptn get project - display shipyard version 2908
  • keptn generate cloud-events-spec - new command for generating Keptn Cloud-events specification 2926
  • keptn install --help - improved install message 2584
  • keptn send event new-artifact - adapt CLI command to CloudEvents spec of 0.8.0 2558
  • keptn upgrade - better instructions on how to download new CLI version 2560
  • keptn upgrade - avoid the version check via a flag 2689
  • keptn upgrade project - upgrader for migrating from Shipyard v0.1 to Shipyard v0.2 2500
  • keptn version - re-add the version check into the root command 2571
  • Add labels parameter to all keptn send events 2126
  • Removed outdated resolver 3058
  • Shell completion for Keptn CLI using Cobra 2539
  • Support for installing Keptn CLI via Homebrew 2864
  • Improvement to write version mismatch to std::err 2761
  • Improved post-installation steps by including Keptn API endpoint 2444
  • Keptn CLI support for multiple plans 1863
  • YAML input support for URIs 1648
  • Improved error message when no connection to Keptn API could be established 1349
  • Fixed: Keptn tabular CLI output breaks automation with too long project, stage, or service names 2899
  • Fixed: Keptn 0.8.0-alpha CLI crashes for auth after upgrade from 0.7.3 2912
  • api-gateway-nginx:

    • Always restart api-gateway-nginx deployment on changes 3320
  • configuration-service:

    • Keep track of last processed artifact in materialized view 2692
    • HEAD branch of Git repository not properly set 2735
    • Include Git commit ID in GET \resource responses 2307
    • Fixed: Updating existing upstream not working 2708
    • Fixed: Pushing to upstream URL currently not working 3227
  • distributor:

    • Simplified event filter for distributor 3262
    • Handle empty values of environment variables more reliably 2646
    • Removed subscription topic as requirement for the distributor to work 2562
    • Extend distributor to bridge traffic from Keptn-service to Keptn API 2220
    • Sidecar for polling open *.triggered events 2166
  • eventbroker:

    • Removed eventbroker from Keptn core 2254
  • gatekeeper-service –> approval-service:

    • Move gatekeeper-service to Keptn core and rename it to approval-service 3252
    • Renamed to approval-service for automatic approvals 2533
  • helm-service:

    • Support for deployment_strategy: user_managed that allows to deploy custom Helm charts 2764
    • Check length of release name 2948
    • Support https and x-token based communication with configuration endpoint 2841
    • Make public deployment URI configurable 2362
    • Created a sequence diagram for helm-service 2592
    • Return Git commit ID in finished events 2531
    • Increased test coverage for helm-service 2530
    • Reacts on release.triggered and sends release.started/finished event 2265
    • Reacts on deployment.triggered and sends deployment.started/finished event 2262
    • Fixed: Fixed hostname template processing 2932
    • Verification: How does helm-service behave on a faulty, user_managed Helm Chart? 3258
  • jmeter-service:

    • Loads JMeter extensions such as Prometheus or Dynatrace backend listener 2552
    • Reacts on test.triggered and sends test.started/finished event 2263
  • lighthouse-service:

    • Support quality gates use-case with updated services 2724
    • Reacts on evaluation.triggered and sends evaluation.started/finished event 2264
    • Fixed: Needs to send previous payloads (e.g., “deployment”) in get-sli.triggered 3411
  • mongodb-datastore:

    • Adapt query for excluding evaluation.invalidated events 3270
    • Support backwards compatibility for evaluation-done events used in Keptn < 0.8 2949
    • Improve MongoDB datastore performance 2925
    • Improved querying (root) events from mongodb-datastore when there are many events in the DB 2759
    • Fixed: mongodb-datastore does not contain triggeredid in input 2514
  • remediation-service

    • Moved the storage of open remediations from configuration-service to remediation-service 2998
    • Include triggerid property in remediation.status.changed/finished events 1917
    • Support remediation use-case with updated services 2663
  • shipyard-controller:

    • Add triggeredid to finished event for a sequence 3329
    • API returns shipyard version 0.1.7, although 0.2.0 is used 3325
    • Keptn supports default sequences for “delivery”, “evaluation” 3007
    • Add keptn/spec version to metadata of Keptn CloudEvents 2983
    • Removed data.message property from previous .finished event before sending next .triggered event 3043
    • Propagate configurationChange through all tasks of a sequence 3199
    • Allow filtering sequence triggers based on match properties 3028
    • Trigger next stage regardless of evaluation result 3008
    • Stops sequence when a task returns result=fail 3027
    • Moved GET endpoints for project, stage, and service details from configuration-service to shipyard-controller 2999
    • Checks whether the shipyard file is valid and has right version 2803
    • Subscribes to trigger-events defined in the shipyard.yaml and provides a built-in task sequence for evaluations 2529
    • Integrated into Travis CI build for release branches 2273
    • Controls the task sequences defined in the Shipyard 2193
    • Manages open *.started events in a MongoDB collection per project 2159
    • Manages open *.triggered events in a MongoDB collection per project 2158
    • Fixed: Do not return Internal server error when no matching .triggered event is available for a .started/.finished event 2956
    • Fixed: Shipyard-controller does not set result field of next .triggered event 2816
  • statistics-service:

    • Moving the statistics-service to Keptn API endpoint 2809
  • new Sequence screen:
    • Create stage-timeline component 2907
    • Highlight the selected stage in the timeline 3049
    • Add filter component and apply filter on list of sequences 2626
    • Create sequence screen and load all triggers 2625
    • Show task details in sequence details 2938
    • Refinement of the sequence tile 2628
  • Replace occurrences of old “send event” with the new “trigger” functionality 3332
  • Link back to evaluation from Environment 2696
  • Support deep links in Bridge for 0.8.x 3207
  • Adapt invalidation of events 3290
  • SLI breakdown in table 2478
  • Service screen refinement 3206
  • Update doc references for 0.8.x 3205
  • Misleading information in event stream of sequence screen 3016
  • Show shipyard version in project tile 2909
  • Sort the SLOs names in the Keptn Bridge Evaluation done results 1499
  • Highlight stages more prominent in eventflow 2229
  • Shows configuration-change events and its content 2872
  • Shows evaluations for new evaluation.finished events (instead of evaluation-done) 2866
  • Use an HTTP-interceptor to add default headers and implement generic error handling 1987
  • Added COPY button for SLO content 1997
  • Refactoring: Split project-board into smaller components 1989
  • Refactoring: Create view-component for environments tab 2939
  • Refactoring: Create view-component for integration tab 2942
  • Refactoring: Create stage-overview component 2943
  • Refactoring: Create stage-details component 2944
  • Refactoring: Create view-component for sequences tab 2941
  • Refactoring: Create view-component for services tab 2940
  • Fixed: Duplicate tasks showing up in Bridge 3382
  • Fixed: Sequence loading icon 3410
  • Fixed: Wrong score in SLI breakdown table 3383
  • Fixed: Root events are limited to 20 3223
  • Fixed: Keptn Bridge: Deployed services is displayed as “not deployed” [3224](
  • Fixed: Manual approval does not trigger next task in sequence 3013
  • Fixed: ERROR TypeError: is undefined 3021
  • Fixed: Approval not possible in cases when having the manual deployment strategy 2901
  • Fixed: Keptn Bridge is not showing notification about the new Keptn version 2693
  • Fixed: Keptn Bridge ignores deployed service artifact 2543


  • Fixed several spelling mistakes 2849
  • Format the Go imports 3150
  • Test the linking of stages based on task sequence events: sh.keptn.event.[stage].[sequence].finished 2534
  • Go (Microservices)
    • google/uuid to 1.2.0
    • to 1.4.6
    • cloudevents/sdk-go (various versions needed)
    • nats-io/nats-server/v2 to 2.1.9
  • NodeJS (Bridge)
    • marked to 2.0.0
    • highlights.js to 10.4.1

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed: Cannot run helm-service and jmeter-service on execution plane on a separate cluster/namespace 3418
  • Fixed: Upgrade from 0.7.3 to 0.8.0-rc1 failed (because of statistics-service) 3399
  • Fixed: Helm chart for continuous-delivery has dependencies to control-plane 2840
  • Fixed: Required flags are not validated before PreRunE is called 2729
  • Fixed: CLI does not work when using GPG pass 2638
  • Fixed: Storing the credentials does not work with Linux/OpenShift combination 2712
  • Fixed: Commands are taking too long to return when no connection to a cluster can be established 2505
  • Fixed: Using keptn create project with --shipyard pointing to an URL does not properly work 2511

Development Process / Testing

  • Travis-CI builds are disabled 2715
  • Migrate integration tests from Travis-CI to GitHub Actions 2811
  • Migrate go-utils and kubernetes-utils from Travis-CI to GitHub Actions 2796
  • Migrate CI from to (by Dec. 2020) 2356
  • Move Docker builds from Travis-CI to GitHub Actions 2752
  • Move check of deprecated K8s versions from Travis-CI to GitHub Actions 2717
  • Move unit test execution from TravisCI to GitHub Actions 2716
  • Remove hard-dependency of MacOS builds in Travis-CI 2719
  • Auto-updating go-utils and kubernetes-utils in keptn/keptn needs to be a signed commit (and moved to GitHub Actions) 2750
  • Added PAT to the create release branch workflow 3393
  • Multi-architecture build support for CLI (32 bit, ARM, …) 2997
  • Add dependabot to keep dependencies up2date 2648
  • Switch from CLA Bot to DCO 2690
  • Solved problems with test coverage reporting 2929
  • Various improvements for GH actions 2824
  • Include pluto to automatically check for deprecated K8s apiVersions 2382
  • Integration tests: enable shielded GKE nodes for integration tests and in docs 2973
  • Integration tests: use newer Istio version 2976
  • Integration tests (GKE for 1.16): Legacy monitoring is not supported in this version 2789
  • After a feature/bug/patch/hotfix has been merged, the respective (temporary) images are deleted 1037
  • DockerHub: Stale images are going to be deleted soon 2710
  • Move tests for delivery assistant and self-healing to K3s 2771
  • Reduce the number of platform/integration tests on Travis-CI 2718
  • Makefile: Fixed - Build-CLI works, but the resulting binary is not 2504
  • Makefile: Add a way to build all Dockerfile 2464
  • Makefile: Add build and run targets 2405
  • Fixed: Integration tests are failing (Minishift, self-healing) 3325
  • Fixed: Integration tests: GKE clusters are not deleted afterwards in some cases 3243
  • Fixed: Flaky integration tests: Integration tests fail (in unpredictable situations) 2149
  • Fixed: Integration test stalls at the Keptn auth command 2704
  • Fixed: Integration test: Setup of Keptn fails due to server version check 2701
  • Fixed: Unable to do remote debugging of mongodb-datastore due to liveness-probe 2536
  • Fixed: GitHub Action Reviewdog Fails: The add-path command is disabled 2694

Good to know / Known Limitations

This section lists bugs and limitations that are known but not fixed in this release. They will get addressed in one of the next releases.

  • Keptn CLI can not be used for automation due to Kube context check 3208
    • The workaround is explained here
  • Creating a project fails on OpenShift due to missing write permissions 2453
  • Hovering over the score in an approval.triggered events in the Bridge leads to a scroll-up / jump-up in Firefox #2369
  • Remove the functionality to listen to sh.keptn.event.service.delete.finished event from helm-service 2989
    • The helm-service does not support listening on sh.keptn.event.service.delete.finished events when running on the execution plane. This leads in the limitation that deleting deployed services on the execution plan becomes a manual task. To delete a deployed service, execute:
      helm ls -n <NAMESPACE>
      helm delete <HELM_RELEASE> -n <NAMESPACE>

Upgrade to 0.8.0