Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see

Keptn 0.7.2

Keptn 0.7.2 enhances the 0.7.1 release with great UX/UI improvements; especially for working with Quality Gates. This release introduces a new API endpoint for triggering a quality gate evaluation and the Bridge shows more details about the evaluation result.

The key announcements of Keptn 0.7.2:

🚀 Improved UX for Quality Gates: This release introduces an /evaluation endpoint that brings the same user-experience to the API as used from the Keptn CLI. Hence, you can now easily trigger a quality gate evaluation based on the parameters start, end, and timeframe for a specific service in a particular project/stage.

Focused UI enhancements for Quality Gates: The evaluation tile that displays the quality gate evaluation result has been improved in various ways. First, the Heatmap in this tile now highlights the currently selected evaluation result. Second, it also displays the evaluation results that were used for comparisons giving the user more insights into the quality gate.

🎉 Usage statistics for Keptn installation: If you want to get more insights into your Keptn installation, feel free to deploy the statistics-service v0.1.1 from the Keptn sandbox. This service provides usage statistics based on events and service executions.

Spec update: The Keptn CloudEvent has a new field called comparedEvents that lists the evaluations that were taken for comparison. See for more details.

Last but not least, many thanks to the community for all their contributions!

Keptn Specification

Implemented Keptn spec version: 0.1.6

  • The evaluationDetails property of the event lists the evaluations that were taken for comparison #42

New Features

  • Set imagePullPolicy to IfNotPresent for Deployments in Helm Charts #2518
  • K8s 1.19 support #2411
  • Introduced API endpoint \evaluation for triggering evaluations #2387
  • Swagger automatically determines the scheme (https or http) #2325
  • Allow all monitoring types for the keptn configure monitoring command #2483
  • The output of keptn auth shows the Keptn endpoint #2445
  • The output of keptn version shows the Keptn API version #2412
  • Improve robustness and UX of keptn generate support-archive #2340
  • Point user to upgrade docs, fixed bug in keptn update project #2293
  • Increased password and token entropy #2295

  • configuration-service:

    • Ensure availability of master branch in Git repo #2487
    • Allow non-HTTPS connections to Git-upstream #2336
  • lighthouse-service:

    • Behavior change: include_result_with_score just works on SLO-level and returns compared evaluation results #2388
    • Send events with error information when service/stage/project not found #2365
    • Use the ConfigMap lighthouse-config which refers to a default SLI provider #2317
    • Trigger SLI retrieval even though the SLO is empty or not available #2318
  • Introduced integrations page to show usage of CLI/API and loading external information about integrations #2429
  • Show true number of compared events #2457
  • Show buildId label on xAxis in Heatmap #2131
  • Evaluation tile rework #2305
  • Heatmap highlights evaluation results that are used for comparison #2389
  • Show the actual state of the approval in approval finished events #2371
  • Enable highlighting of the currently selected evaluation result in Heatmap #1640
  • Enable caching for static files in express #2408
  • Provide access to up-stream configuration repository per project #1335
  • Hide the API token and keptn auth command per default #2257
  • Feature toggle for version check and API token info #2320
  • Show a download link for Keptn CLI #2319

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed broken link to Keptn API in Bridge #2430
  • Fixed infinite loop while confirming cluster information #2425
  • Fixed wrong version number for API endpoints #2315
  • Fixed bug: Bridge UI breaks on first open approval event on stage #2354

Development Process / Testing

  • Fixed Travis-CI integration tests #2335

Upgrade to 0.7.2