Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see

Keptn 0.13.0

Keptn 0.13.0 provides UX improvements in the Bridge to the settings page. The Uniform and Secret screens have been moved into this page. Besides, the resource-service got mature enough and it is marked as beta. This service will soon replace the configuration-service to speed up the interactions with the Git upstream repo. Finally, this version of Keptn provides beta support for OIDC for Bridge, CLI, and Distributor.

Key announcements:

🎉 Rolling updates: This release is a major step towards rolling updates of Keptn core services.

UX improvements in Bridge: The settings page received a style refresh to better organize the information.

🎁 OIDC support: Bridge, CLI, and Distributor have initial support for OpenID Connect. For more information on how to enable it, please check our documentation.

Keptn Enhancement Proposals

This release implements the KEPs: KEP 60 and KEP 48.

Keptn Specification

Implemented Keptn spec version: 0.2.4



  • Added commitID to webhook and jmeter, updated go-utils dependencies (#6567) (#6787) (5ad04fa)
  • Added get options to fake keptn in go-sdk (#6742) (c6f298c)
  • Block external traffic to internal API endpoints (#6625) (7f6a864)
  • bridge: Login via OpenID (#6076) (#6077) (1a657c8)
  • bridge: Poll sequence metadata for filters and deployed artifacts (#5246) (4c5b9df)
  • bridge: Replace memory store with MongoDB (8d7708f), closes #6076 #6688 #6784
  • bridge: Send access token for each request (#6078) (6726306), closes #6076
  • bridge: Show secret scope and keys on overview table (#6296) (39fef32)
  • bridge: Show specific error message if secret already exists (#6297) (fbf7eb0)
  • bridge: Unify notifications (#5087) (11941fd), closes #6076
  • cli: Added --sso-scopes flag to cli (#6708) (e6e11ba)
  • cli: Allow to skip sending the API token when using an SSO integration (#6675) (5644e03)
  • cli: SSO integration (#6549) (2c5f3f7)
  • cli: Use state param during Oauth flow (#6701) (02aecbc)
  • Get and post with commitid (#6349) (#6567) (c3496c0)
  • installer: Allow API token to be pulled from pre-defined secret (#6312) (dc1037a)
  • Introduce ‘waiting’ status to sequences (#6603) (e63f312)
  • Introduce Oauth integration for distributor and Oauth enhancements for CLI (#6729) (7245013)
  • Mark endpoints as internal in swagger doc (#6599) (3785eed)
  • mongodb-datastore: Use simple join query instead of uncorrelated sub-query (#6612) (f57412a)
  • Release helm charts on GitHub pages (#6559) (efc285e)
  • resource-service: Added support for directory based git model (#6397) (#6714) (ddd5585)
  • shipyard-controller: Propagate git commit ID passed in sequence.triggered events (#6348) (#6597) (ac1f44e)
  • Update pod config to be more strict w.r.t. security (#6020) (6d69563)
  • webhook-service: Allow disabling .started events (#6524) (#6664) (e07091f)

Bug Fixes

  • Adapt http status code for not found upstream repositories (#6641) (a3ad118)
  • Avoid nil pointer access for undefined value in helm charts (#6863) (d845ea6)
  • bridge: Add message that no events are available when sequence has no traces (#5985) (64540b9)
  • bridge: Display additional error information when creating a project (#6715) (e8b263f)
  • bridge: Fix failed sequence shown as succeeded (#6896) (e723398)
  • bridge: Fix style content security policy (#6750) (bd0d569)
  • bridge: Fixed incorrectly shown loading indicator in sequence list (#6579) (f238cf4)
  • bridge: Show error when having problems parsing shipyard.yaml (#6592) (#6606) (0ceb54d)
  • bridge: When updating an all events subscription, keep sh.keptn.> format (#6628) (1e83fb7)
  • cli: Added missing command description for keptn create secret (#6621) (22bddf9)
  • cli: Check for unknown subcommands (#6698) (c1782c0)
  • cli: CLI new version checker message (#6864) (d836e89)
  • configuration-service: Adapt to different response from git CLI when upstream branch is not there yet (#6876) (#6882) (c9f0b78)
  • configuration-service: Ensure that git user and email are set before committing (#6645) (#6654) (d38bb6e)
  • Fix container image OCI labels (#6878) (0f759d4)
  • Fixed wrong nginx location for bridge urls (#6696) (700895e)
  • installer: External connection string not used while helm upgrade (#6760) (6d04780)
  • installer: Fixed helm/jmeter service helm values schema (#6629) (085edf1)
  • installer: Set distributor version in helm chart (#6652) (#6658) (8c2d8de)
  • jmeter-service: Finish processes when ‘.finished’ event is sent (#6786) (4484a80)
  • resource-service: Fix git-id based file retrieval (#6616) (6ba0165)
  • revert intaller mongoDB version dump (#6733) (d96495b)
  • shipyard-controller: Reflect cancellation in sequence state even when no triggered event is there anymore (#6837) (bdcd95e)
  • Support Openshift 3.11 (#6578) (c72dbf2)
  • Trim Incoming Keptn Context and Triggered ID via API (#6845) (32d98d9)


  • Directly return Bridge version (#6764) (345469c)

  • bridge: Restructuring of Bridge settings for project (75e2842)



Resource Stats

Name Container Name CPU Request CPU Limit RAM Request RAM Limit Image
keptn-mongo mongodb null null null null
api-gateway-nginx api-gateway-nginx 50m 100m 64Mi 128Mi
api-service api-service 50m 100m 32Mi 64Mi
api-service distributor 25m 100m 16Mi 32Mi
approval-service approval-service 25m 100m 32Mi 128Mi
approval-service distributor 25m 100m 16Mi 32Mi
configuration-service configuration-service 25m 100m 32Mi 64Mi
remediation-service remediation-service 50m 200m 64Mi 1Gi
remediation-service distributor 25m 100m 16Mi 32Mi
bridge bridge 25m 200m 64Mi 256Mi
mongodb-datastore mongodb-datastore 50m 300m 32Mi 512Mi
mongodb-datastore distributor 25m 100m 16Mi 32Mi
lighthouse-service lighthouse-service 50m 200m 128Mi 1Gi
lighthouse-service distributor 25m 100m 16Mi 32Mi
secret-service secret-service 25m 200m 32Mi 64Mi
shipyard-controller shipyard-controller 50m 100m 32Mi 128Mi
shipyard-controller distributor 25m 100m 16Mi 32Mi
statistics-service statistics-service 25m 100m 32Mi 64Mi
statistics-service distributor 25m 100m 16Mi 32Mi
webhook-service webhook-service 25m 100m 32Mi 64Mi
webhook-service distributor 25m 100m 16Mi 32Mi
keptn-nats-cluster nats null null null null nats:2.1.9-alpine3.12

Upgrade to 0.13.0