Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see

Keptn 0.9.1

This is a bug fix release for Keptn 0.9.0, containing fixes for the Bridge and Keptn core services; especially, lighthouse-service and shipyard-controller.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixes:
    • mongodb and mongodb-datastore killed because of OOM #5196
  • Fixes:
    • lighthouse-service: Print logs if configure monitoring fails #5088
    • lighthouse-service: No error message when SLO parsing failed #5130
    • lighthouse-service: Error events from the lighthouse-service are shown even though “status”: “succeeded” #5170
    • shipyard-controller: Returns a 500 error if a triggered event is not found #5132
    • shipyard-controller: Every 10 seconds an error is produced with “could not load queued sequences” #5138
    • configuration-service: deleting a file on a specific stage or for specific service not possible #5136
    • Providing an invalid git token disables the access to the repository #5064
    • Unable to (re)register to Keptn #4791
  • Fixes:
    • Bridge not grouping paused sequences correctly #5154
    • Sequence screen does not get updated on project change if no sequence was triggered for a project #5085
    • A failed sequence is shown as it would be running and cannot be aborted #5137
    • Bridge runs into some errors if a sequence for a service could not be found #5172
    • Project delete dialog is not closed #5091
    • Polling of a project does not stop #5094
    • Unread error event indicator for integrations is shown even if there aren’t any #5118
    • Dashboard: Redirect after click on a service or a sequence does not work #5126
    • If 401 for API token request is returned, endless redirect loop occurs #5086
    • Sequence is not displayed correctly if more than 100 events exist #5056

Upgrade to 0.9.1