Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see

Keptn 0.13.1

This is a bug fix release for Keptn 0.13.0, containing fixes for the the Quality Gate use case and hardening of the Keptn components.

Bug Fixes

  • bridge: Fix incorrect content security policy (4b94f47)
  • distributor: Include event filter for project, stage, service (#6968) (eceef0d)
  • distributor: Increase timout of http client to 30s (#6948) (4db3b83)
  • distributor: Update go-utils dependencies (#6957) (18eef68)
  • Ensure indicators are set in computeObjectives (#6923) (ed8ee22)
  • Hardening of oauth in distributor and cli (#6917) (#6941) (7b69261)
  • installer: Make securityContext configurable (#6932) (1580524)

Upgrade to 0.13.1