Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see

Declarative automation

Multi-stage delivery without the need to write any pipeline code.

GitOps based

Delivery and operation workflows are based on Git.

SLO driven evaluation

Built-in quality-gates based on SRE principles.

Closed-loop remediation

Multi-step Auto-remediation workflows with built-in evaluation.

Standard-based Interoperability

Integrate or extend Keptn easily to work with your tool-suite.

Cloud-native application life-cycle orchestration by Keptn.

A declarative approach to automate delivery and operations for your workloads.

Key capabilities

Keptn offers

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Define your delivery process using a shipyard file and create a new project using your shipyard.yaml file:

keptn create project sockshop
  - name: "dev"
    deployment_strategy: "direct"
    test_strategy: "functional"
  - name: "staging"
      pass: "automatic"
      warning: "manual"
    deployment_strategy: "blue_green_service"
    test_strategy: "performance"
  - name: "production"
      pass: "manual"
      warning: "manual"
    deployment_strategy: "blue_green_service"
    remediation_strategy: "automated"

Define your application delivery flow

Helping SREs and DevOps to automate

SLO-driven Multi-stage Delivery

Automatically set up a multi-stage environment with built-in quality gates orchestrating your continuous delivery workflow, and integrate your testing tools for performance testing, chaos testing, and more. Deploy reliably and confidently with SLO-based quality evaluations.

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Keptn helps developers and SREs to deliver software in a cloud-native way.

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Application lifecycle orchestration

Keptn automates

  • Observability, dashboards & alerting
  • SLO-driven multi-stage delivery
  • Operations & remediation

declarative, extensible and based on GitOps

Just download the Keptn CLI

curl -sL | sudo -E bash

And deploy Keptn on your Kubernetes cluster

keptn install [--use-case=continuous-delivery]

Keptn will be installed with its control-plane for quality gates and automated operations. If the --use-case flag is set, the services for continuous delivery will be installed too.

Keptn only requires a plain Kubernetes cluster


Keptn loves Googles Kubernetes Engine and so do they.

Sign up via Keptn and get an extra $200 in Google Cloud Platform credit.

Happy users

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Resolving production issues and automating

Operations by Closed-Loop Remediation

Keptn orchestrates & evaluates remediation-actions such as scaling up, toggling feature flags or custom scripts.

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Keptn integrations translate well-defined CloudEvents into proprietary vendor APIs and hide complex automation for advanced tasks.


Keptn connects all your tools

Keptn Overview

Enabling SREs to declaratively automate

Observability, Dashboards & Alerting

Save time through automated configuration of observability tools, creation of dashboards, and alerting based on Service-Level Objectives (SLOs).