Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see


Keptn maintainers and adopters have been invited to the following podcast episodes to talk more about the project.

Event-Driven DevOps with Keptn: The End of the Monolithic Delivery Pipeline!While software architects have broken their monoliths into event-driven service architectures, many pipeline architects still try to apply a monolithic pipeline approach to deliver these new architectures. This results in constantly outdated pipeline code, tight integration of process and tools, lengthy diagnostics sessions to fix broken pipelines and puts strains on the underlying resources that build, deploy, test and validate. In this workshop we introduce a new approach: Event-based Continuous Delivery which decouples the declaration of processes from tooling. It uses a “everything as code” approach which includes deployment, testing, quality gate, observability and promotion definitions. One open source project which implements this new approach is Keptn. Listen to this episode to learn more.
Kubernetes Podcast from Google: Keptn, with Alois ReitbauerKeptn, a control plane for continuous delivery, came out of the need to install Dynatrace’s software at their customer’s environments. Alois Reitbauer is Chief Technical Strategist at Dynatrace, reponsible for open source, and a co-chair of the CNCF App Delivery SIG. He talks to your hosts about Keptn, observability after deployment, and how owning a 40 year old sports car is more “curation” than “operation”.
Automated Quality Gates in Performance Testing with Roman Ferstl (triscon)How do you genuinely integrate your performance testing efforts into your DevOps lifecycle? In this episode, Roman Ferstl will share his experience with creating automated quality gates in performance testing. Discover how to automate time-consuming and repetitive performance engineering tasks. Listen up to find out which tools and techniques to use to get started on your performance testing CI/CD efforts.
Quality Sense: Introduction to KeptnIn this Quality Sense episode, host, Federico Toledo chats with Dynatrace’s Andreas aka “Andi” Grabner. From Austria, he has more than 20 years of experience in the field and continuously shares his knowledge about performance engineering especially through his podcast called Pure Performance. During the interview, the two discussed performance engineering concepts, today’s biggest challenges in the field, the open source project, Keptn, and more!