Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see

Contributing guide

We welcome new contributors to the Keptn project, regardless of your background and experience!

Getting started

  1. Join us on Keptn Slack.
  2. Join the #help-contributing channel. It can be used for any questions related to Keptn contributions. See the links to more specific channels, e.g. working groups, below.
  3. Explore the good first issues, see the links below.

Keptn development

If you are interested, most of the Keptn codebase is implemented in Golang and JavaScript/Angular. We also heavily use Kubernetes, Helm, Docker and other container technologies like CloudEvents and OpenTelemetry.

Keptn core components

1️. If you are new to Keptn and want to begin contributing, please take a look at our file that lays out the process on how to contribute to the project.

2️. We curate a list of good first issues which are suitable for first-time contributors as they do not require in-depth knowledge of our project. If you find a good first issue, please comment on it and a Keptn maintainer will be happy to assign it to you.

3️. Once you have finished implementing your feature or bug fix, please consider presenting it in a Keptn developer meeting to let the Keptn community know and celebrate your achievement!

Keptn integrations

If you want to contribute an integration to Keptn, please take a look at the Keptn Sandbox, which is the starting point for Keptn integrations.

💡 Did you know that there is a template to get started with new integrations? The Keptn team is maitaining it as a good first start and skeleton for new Keptn integrations. It is written in Golang. But feel free to submit your contribution in other languages as well.

Contributing to Keptn Documentation

Documentation is essential to Keptn user and developer experience. We invite amateur and professional tech writers to participate in the documentation efforts by creating new content or improving the existing content. We also look for reviewers and copy editors who can help other contributors with documentation changes. If you are interested, join the #keptn-docs channel on the Keptn Slack workspace.

Major documentation areas:

Spread the word about Keptn!

In the Keptn community we heavily rely on the community members to promote Keptn among their professional networks and social media. Any contributions will be appreciated!

A few examples:

If you are interested in Keptn advocacy and/or want to promote your content, join the #community-and-outreach channel on the Keptn Slack.


At the moment the Keptn project does NOT accept monetary contributions. Donating some time is the best way to help the community. If you are interested in helping with money, consider donating to one of the upstream open source projects used in Keptn, or to open source development tools used by Keptn.

In the future we plan to organize bigger in-person and online community events. If you want to join as sponsor, reach out to the community in the #community-and-outreach channel on the Keptn Slack.

Internships and Mentorship programs

Keptn participates in global mentorship programs like Google Summer of Code and Google Season of Docs. We also have an account on LFX Mentorship and can host our own mentorship programs for important topics contributing to the Keptn roadmap. Learn more about our programs on this page.

If you are interested in mentorship programs as a potential mentor or mentee, reach out to the community in the #community-and-outreach channel on the Keptn Slack.

Other contributions

Any contributions will be appreciated even if they aren’t listed here yet! We welcome contributors with any backgrounds and levels of experience: code reviews, design and artwork, organizing events, content management, testing, issue triage, localization, etc. For any questions, use the #help-contributing channel.