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The Keptn community is growing and we are awarding individuals that help us in this mission!

How to become a community rockstar 🚀

First and foremost, be active in the Keptn community! We encourage you being part of the Keptn community by joining discussions on Twitter, Slack, and our mailing list. Besides, there are four pillars for Keptn community rockstar to excel at.

Show excellence!

💻 Development: Creation of an extension either in the Keptn Contrib or Keptn Sandbox organization or contribution to the Keptn core.

🔈 Presentation: Publicly talk about and present Keptn at a meetup/podcast/conference or similar formats - we are happy to add your contribution here.

🧑‍🏫 Education: Educate others on Keptn by either writing a tutorial, giving a workshop on how to use Keptn or similar formats.

📈 Growth: Bring other people to the Keptn community by inviting them to Twitter, Slack, and our Keptn Newsletter.

Get nominated!

If you get nominated by someone from the Keptn community and your name is brought forward to the community leads (you will also find them in Slack), they will evaluate based on the mentioned dimensions and eventually reward a member of the Keptn community each quarter for the contributions made!

Hall of fame 🏆

We are extremely happy to have these great individuals and teams awarded as our community rockstars!

Date Name
🏆 Q2 2022 Suraj Banakar for his contribution to Keptn ecosystem and mentorship programs. Suraj has been an active contributor to the project and created Datadog and Logic Sumo SLI providers. He mentored two projects in GSoC 2020: Entity Custom Resource Definitions for Keptn GitOps and New Keptn Documentation Engine. Suraj also created guides for newcomer contributors. Meet the Keptn Crew video with Suraj.
🏆 Q1 2022 Brad McCoy, a CNCF and CDF ambassador, for his contributions to Keptn advocacy. Based in New Zealand, he has represented Keptn at many events including the CNCF and Keptn meetups. Examples of talks by Brad: Progressive delivery with Keptn or Introduction to Keptn.
🏆 Q2 2021 @karthiks for his contributions to the Keptn ecosystem and for driving the Litmus chaos engineering integration for Keptn! In addition, Karthik did a phenomenal job in explaining how to evaluate the resiliency of applications with Litmus and Keptn on multiple occasions, e.g. at KubeCon Europe 2021 (video and slides in the link)!
🏆 Q1 2021 @adriangonciarz for his contributions to Keptn core (enabling custom MongoDB deployments) and his work on resilience evaluation with Keptn, LitmusChaos, and Locust!
🏆 Q4 2020 The whole team of Triscon IT for their feedback on quality gates which drove some of the recent advancements in the bridge and their immense evangelism of Keptn on various conferences, meetups, podcasts!
🏆 Q3 2020 @heydenb for his contributions to the Keptn ecosystem (especially on integrating Azure DevOps + Keptn), and speaking in public webinars
🏆 Q2 2020 @checkelmann for his contributions to the Keptn core as well as contributing external services, and speaking in public webinars