Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see


How can I start contributing?

The best way to get started is to take a look at the contributing guide. The Keptn maintainers always keep a list of good first issues on Github, which is also a good first starting point.

How to get in touch with the community?

The easiest way is to join our Slack to get in touch with Keptn users & maintainers via Find more way to connect on our communication overview page. The Keptn community meets regularly to discuss new features, improvements, and the Keptn roadmap. Please take a look at our public meetings and feel free to join!

I’ve built an integration - how can I publish it to the community?

This is great! Please take a look at the contributing guide for Keptn integrations in the Keptn Sandbox. Once your integrations satisfies all requirements (documentation, license, code-quality) we are happy to merge it into the Keptn Sandbox to make it visible for all Keptn users. We would also love to hear about your integration in our Keptn developer meetings!

How do I propose a new capability for Keptn?

If your request goes beyond of a simple feature request or a bug description, please consider filing a Keptn Enhancement Proposal (KEP). These KEPs introduce new behaviour, change desired behaviour, or otherwise modify requirements of Keptn. For all other issues or request, please open an issue in our Keptn repository.

How to demonstrate Keptn to others?

We appreciate your enthusiasm and will support you in presenting and demonstrating Keptn to others. Please take a look at our various public slide decks if you need any inspiration or want to reuse our material - feel free to do so! You can also find more resources such as blogs, podcasts, etc, as a source of insipiration. Finally, please let us know and we are happy to support you with some Keptn swag as a gift of appreciation! 🤩

How to extend Keptn?

You can extend Keptn by adding Keptn services for notifications, test execution, auto-remediation and more. Please have a look at our Keptn integrations page that lists all currently curated integrations. If you want to get started with you own integrations, have a look at our integrations contribution guide.