Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see


The Keptn community is meeting regularly in the different timezones. All meetings are public and open for you to join and participate in the discussion. We also welcome you to present your user experiences with Keptn at Keptn User Groups, and to share what you are working on at the developer and community meetings.

How to find meetings

All meetings are announced on the Keptn charter of the CNCF Community portal. Meeting commonly happen on Bevy but other platforms may be used too in some cases. For webinars, we also try to organize a live broadcast on the Keptn YouTube Channel.

🌐 Keptn Community Portal 🗓️ Public Google Calendar (*.iCal).

Keptn User Group

At these monthly meetings Keptn users present their stories and experiences on how they use Keptn. We also invite Keptn contributors to participate and discuss how we could improve Keptn based on feedback.

🗓️ Cadence:

  • Americas/EMEA meetings - Every odd week on Wednesday at 3:30pm CET / 9:30pm AWST / 6:30am PT / 9:30am ET.
  • APAC/EMEA - Every even week on Wednesday at 10:00am CET / 4:00pm AWST / 1:00am PT / 4:00am ET. The meeting time may vary depending on speaker timezone and availability.

📺 Schedule and RSVP 🗒️ Meeting notes 🎥 Recordings

Keptn Community Meeting

Community focused event where we discuss any topics related to the Keptn community, project, its governance, advocacy and outreach. We also invite Keptn developers abd users to join the meetings and show the demos. Anyone is also welcome to join these meetings and ask any questions about Keptn.

🗓️ Cadence: each Thursday at 10am CET / 9am UTC.

  • Americas/EMEA meetings - Every other Thursday at 4pm UTC / 5pm CET.
  • APAC/EMEA - Every other Wednesday at 9am UTC / 10am CET.

📺 Schedule and RSVP 🗒️ Meeting notes 🎥 Recordings

Keptn Developer Meeting

We are hosting Keptn developer meetings to discuss roadmap updates, recent issues and show demos for new features and fixes. You are welcome to join and contribute to Keptn or just discuss with the Keptn team and exchange your knowledge!

🗓️ Cadence: each Thursday at 10am CET / 9am UTC.

📺 Schedule and RSVP 🗒️ Meeting notes 🎥 Recordings