Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see
This documentation is for an older Keptn release. Please consider the newest one when working with the latest Keptn.

Automatic Git Provisioning


Keptn provides an extension point that can be used to automatically provision a Git repository. When a project is created, Keptn performs a call to the service that adheres to a specific HTTP REST interface. The swagger documentation for this API can be found here.

Keptn calls the service that implements such interface passing the project name and the current namespace in which Keptn is running. The service is expected to answer with the URL, username, and token to access the repository. Keptn uses this information to configure the upstream for the project. Similarly, when a project is deleted, Keptn calls the service implementing such an API. This can be used to deprovision the repository and perform clean up actions.

This feature is enabled via the Helm value features.automaticProvisioningURL. This value must contain the base URL of the service that implements the interface.


Swagger Documentation