Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see

Upgrade Keptn

Upgrade from Keptn 0.15.x to Keptn 0.16.x

With Keptn 0.16.x, every Keptn project requires an upstream Git repository. Hence, before upgrading Keptn you must (i) attach an upstream to your Keptn projects and (ii) do a backup. If you already have an upstream for all your Keptn projects, no additional steps are required and you can run helm upgrade keptn keptn/keptn -n keptn --version 0.16.0 --reuse-values.

Suppose you need the additional features provided by the resource-service, such as HTTPS/SSH or Proxy, to configure your Keptn project with an upstream. In that case, you can also deploy the resource-service and configure the Git repositories later. For this, a backup is necessary.

  1. Back up the configuration-service.
  2. For each Keptn project in the backup data, open a shell in that directory and make sure the Git CLI is available.
  3. Attach your upstream to the Keptn project via the Git CLI with git remote add origin <remoteURL>, where <remoteURL> is your Git upstream.
  4. Run git push --all to synchronize your backup with your Git repository.
  5. Upgrade to Keptn 0.16.x using helm upgrade keptn keptn/keptn -n keptn --version 0.16.0 --reuse-values
  6. Navigate to your Bridge installation and configure an upstream to the Keptn projects.