Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see

keptn delete secret

keptn delete secret

Deletes a secret from the given scope

keptn delete secret SECRET_NAME --scope=my-scope" [flags]


keptn delete secret SECRET_NAME --scope=my-scope"


  -s, --scope string   The scope of the secret (default "keptn-default")

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config-file string   Specify custom Keptn Config file path (default: ~/.keptn/config)
  -h, --help                 help
      --mock                 Disables communication to a Keptn endpoint
  -n, --namespace string     Specify the namespace where Keptn should be installed, used and uninstalled in (default "keptn")
  -q, --quiet                Suppresses debug and info messages
  -v, --verbose              Enables verbose logging to print debug messages
  -y, --yes                  Assume yes for all user prompts


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