Keptn v1 reached EOL December 22, 2023. For more information see


An action-provider defines the actions that can be declared in a remediation configuration. The action-provider receives a Keptn event, performs its action, and notifies Keptn about the execution. Keptn serves as the control plane that orchestrates the remediation but the action-provider executes the corrective action.

An action-provider can be a Keptn service that is installed in your Keptn environment or a custom action-provider that you create.

Unleash Action-Provider

The Unleash action-provider toggles the feature flag specified by the key-value map in the value property. The key declares the name of the feature toggle and the value specifies the target setting.

  • Action that needs to be added to the actionsOnOpen field in the remediation configuration:
- name: Toogle feature flag
  action: featuretoggle
  description: Toggle feature flag EnablePromotion from ON to OFF.
    EnablePromotion: off
  • To install the action-provider for Unleash, execute:
kubectl apply -f kubectl apply -f

Note: The referenced service.yaml file already contains the required distributor.

Helm Action-Provider

This action-provider increases the ReplicaSet of a Kubernetes deployment by the number defined by the value increment.

  • Action that needs to add to the actionsOnOpen field in the remediation configuration:
- name: Scaling ReplicaSet by 1
  description: Scaling the ReplicaSet of a Kubernetes Deployment by 1
  action: scaling
  value: "1"
  • The helm-service is installed by default.

Add a custom Action-Provider

  • To create and add your custom action-provider to Keptn, follow the instructions Custom Action-Provider page.